Our LED light and wire welding machine is popular. 

This LED light welding machine is using the most advanced three-Ling PLC control design, operation can be divided into decomposition jog debugging and automatic operation;

The neon lamp soldering machine has decomposition jog for debugging operation, the details of the processing product excellence;
Special plating process of this indicating light and wire welding machine ensures that all parts of durable stainless steel corrosion-resistant;
This light and wire welding machine equips with variable frequency speed control technology , simple automatic technical operation;
The use of advanced temperature control technology to further improve the stability and service life of tin stove;
Groundbreaking research and development of self-detection function automatically detects the fault light to ensure the continuity of welding

We are offering different models of light welding machine, which are suitable for Christmas color light, electornic indicating light etc. Also machine are optional for lights with or withoug resistance.